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Why Mineral Analysis

Why Should I Take a Hair Analysis Test?

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Trace Minerals (elements) are called the “Spark Plugs of Life” because they are required to activate hundreds of enzyme reactions within the body.
Minerals (elements that come from the soil – “mined elements”) are more important than vitamins, but minerals must be taken in from the soil.
Life is dependent on the body’s ability to extract these minerals.

Minerals impact our bodies as well as our minds

– If your bones lose too much calcium, your body would bend and crumble.

– If you hold on to too much iron, you may become angry, aggressive and hostile.

– Mineral patterns can even affect nations, making one submissive and passive and   another forceful and aggressive.

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Healthy cells                                       Clumped unhealthy cells



Minerals have a dual effect. They may prove beneficial for one person but
detrimental for another. This effect depends largely on your
Metabolic Type (how your body takes in and uses food ingredients).

For example:

  • A calcium supplement or high-calcium-containing foods can help prevent osteoporosis in one person but actually contribute to brittle bones in another
  • Zinc can help fight the effects of a virus but too much can contribute to bacterial infection
  • Even though copper is essential, too much can cause depression, weight gain, PMS and frontal headaches
  • Iron is necessary to prevent anemia but too much iron can cause a type of anemia and contribute to migraines, arthritis, anger and cancer

Taking in the wrong cellular nutrition, diet, stress, medications and pollution can cause a mineral imbalance. Deficiencies or excesses can also be inherited. Today, nutritional data must take into consideration not only what a person may need, but what one does not need in order to bring about a more normal biochemical balance in the body.

– David L. Watts, DC, PhD, FACEP

Move well with the Power of Cellular Nutrition
Regenerative wellness is a balancing act


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