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Thyroid Health




Thyroid Awareness

It is estimated that 80% of the population has a thyroid disorder. Many are unaware that they have the condition but suffer from the symptoms.
For this reason, thyroid function screening is vital for everyone, as a primary health assessment.

Tired of not getting RESULTS with your thyroid measurements?
Are archaic TSH blood tests keeping your levels in ‘Sub-clinical’ Hypothyroidism Hell?

“Assessment of thyroid should only be done by clinical assessment NOT BLOOD tests.
There is no relation between the signs and symptoms of low thyroid disease, the TSH or the other related blood tests.
Only SYMPTOMS and REFLEXES should be used.”

– Dr. R.I.S. Bayliss, Endocrinologist to the Royal Family, London


Tiredness and lethargy, cold hands and feet, struggle to get through the day,
constipation, hair loss, memory problems, low sex drive, menstrual problems?

What is so important about thyroid? Every major system in our body is affected by thyroid hormones.
The thyroid is like the Grand Central station “master controller,”
regulating most of our body functions and thus affecting it at a cellular level. If it is not balanced,
our quality of life deteriorates. As we age, the body’s cellular energy decreases

Hashimoto’s | Antibodies Attacking Thyroid


Chronic Health Conditions

If a Thyroid disorder is left untreated, it can shorten the patient’s life expectancy, as the quality of their life deteriorates,
the long-term risks of major illnesses increase and the chances of it escalating into autoimmune diseases are greatly increased.
These can go into over 80 autoimmune disorders compounding one into the other.

Conventional screening by standard blood tests is not an accurate tool to establish a baseline thyroid function,
it can be costly and often misleading, with the doctor classifying the patient with ‘sub-clinical’ hypothyroidism.

That means, “You have the symptoms, but I will not treat you as the blood tests are within range.”


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How the Thyroflex and Core Hormone System
Can Help Correct Thyroid Disorders

The Thyroflex offers a pain-free and cost-effective way of measuring your thyroid function with a simple reflex test.
Patented Thyroflex technology is currently the only non-invasive tool available to measure thyroid function at its cellular level with a very high accuracy.

Reflex time is the time it takes for your body to respond to a particular reflex point in your body being activated, like your heart,
which is the largest reflex muscle in your body. The reflex speed is controlled by your Thyroid.
Low Thyroid (Hypo) = slow reflexes, slow heart rate.

Clinical trials were carried out on 2200 people over 3 years and it was discovered that
not only is the reflex response time critical, but also the neurotransmitter time,
when combined with the reflex time, gives you a picture of the Thyroid that is
98.5% accurate = NO MORE GUESSING.


A Non-invasive System for the Diagnosis and Management of Thyroid Disorders


Unlike the blood test, the Thyroflex tests the end artifact of the thyroid function (FT3) and it has a 98.5% accuracy rate.
The Thyroflex test measures the neurotransmitter speed (brain function), the reflex speed and the resting metabolic rate (RMR).
It also takes into account the “Core Hormones” i.e. stress hormones (Cortisol, GABA, DHEA, D3), sleep hormones, Iodine and CoQ10.
For this reason, Thyroflex Thyroid Testing is most feasible for making a diagnosis and for determining the optimal dose of thyroid medication for symptomatic patients.

At last. The correct thyroid measurement … and solution.