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According to the World Health Organization

"Nearly 90% of people in urban centers breathe air that fails to meet levels deemed safe."


How Air Pollution Contributes to Lung Disease

Breathing dirty air, we bring pollutants deep into our lungs which can cause serious damage to the respiratory tract. Air pollution exposure can trigger
development of asthma, worsen a previously-existing respiratory problem and provoke development of chronic illnesses including
lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and emphysema.


Children Are Especially Vulnerable

Children breathe through their mouths, bypassing the filtering effects of the nasal passages and allowing
pollutants to travel deeper into the lungs. They have a large lung surface area relative to their weight and inhale
relatively more air, compared to adults. They also spend more time out of doors, particularly in the afternoons
and during the summer months when ozone and other pollutant levels are at their highest. Children may ignore
early symptoms of air pollution effects, such as asthma, leading to attacks of increased severity.

Combine those factors with the adverse impact of some pollutants on lung development and the immaturity of
children’s enzyme and immune systems that detoxify pollutants, and you have a series of factors that
contribute to children’s increased sensitivity to air pollutants.


Did You Know...?


What You CAN DO


Recent new laboratory testing reveals that the Silent Night air purifier E-field plasma zone causes ions to collide with airborne bacteria and viruses,
including all forms of flu virus damaging them and rendering them harmless.

It destroys ALL strains of flu viruswhich vaccination does NOT protect against.


Toxins, pollutants and microbes are health problem #1. What's your detox routine?



with the Revolutionary ZEPA technology


Breathe Sterile Air While You Sleep


ZEPA (Zero Emissions Particulate Arrestment) is the first truly breakthrough air purifier
technology in over SEVENTY YEARS since HEPA (High Emissions Particulate Arrestment) was
developed. Removes 0.1 micron and larger contaminants and uses only 24 watts of energy.

• The Silent Night eliminates 100% of airborne room particulates down to 0.1 microns.



Odors, dust, pollen, mites, bacteria, viruses, mold spores, pet dander, smoke,
VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), Benzene, Formaldehyde, Radon,
the Silent Night is a stand-alone pure air device proven in studies to relieve
many respiratory / allergy problems almost immediately.

• It is the ONLY high performance silent air purification available.

Take control of your personal space and breathe clean air with the


MiniMate Personal Use Air Purifier


The MiniMate personal use air purifier. A must have for travel. Ready to go whenever you are – to the gym, on the plane, in taxis, crowded elevators or anyplace you need to re-assert your control over your personal air space to create a cleaner, healthier fresh air domain of your very own.