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Personalized Cellular Nutrition

Personalized Cellular Nutrition

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Personal Cellular Nutrition. The Power To Move You



The Life-Changing Benefit
of Personalized Nutraceuticals

Understanding the true value of personalized cellular nutrition, we start with the definition of nutrition:

Nutrition is the exact science of identifying:

  • The nutrient (what’s in food that nourishes your body) make up of foods before you eat them
  • Exactly what your body does with the food ingredients once inside your body through what you digest, absorb and utilize
  • Which nutrient residues you push out from the body

Nutrition is a measure of:

1) What nutrients your body takes in
2) What nutrients your body holds on to
3) What nutrients come out of your body

Personalized cellular nutrition – orthomolecular treatment – therapeutic nutrition – (having the right molecules of nutrition in the right amount) allows you to understand precisely what is going on in your body so that using the science, our laboratories can manipulate and design your foods and supplements until your cells reset and turn food into energy at peak efficiency.

The most important part of this process is 
Control and being able to move well.

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The Life-Changing Benefits of
Personalized Nutrition


Through the hair mineral analysis test we identify the specific nutrients, which if lacking or excessive in the body lead to cellular dysfunction, low energy and dis-ease.

Your metabolic function breaks down. You have brain fog, poor digestion – your immune system starts to falter – and your life can come to a standstill.

With hair analysis testing, we conduct a controlled scientific experiment using your own body. With re-testing we have repeatable scientific data and we KNOW exactly which foods and cellular nutrition your body will use.

According to what the laboratories find in your first Advanced BioCell Reset (ABC) test, you’ll receive a design of specific nutrients and food recommendations. This step improves your energy, enables you to move well and enjoy overall healthfulness – based on what has worked with millions of other clients.

It's well documented that at this time there is no reliable level of nutrition in the food we buy. Random nutrient analysis of food (including organics) reveals up to 92% less vitamins and minerals in the foods today compared to the levels found 30 years ago* (not counting artificially enriched foods).

Additionally, genetic modification of seed stock, weakly constituted and degraded topsoil with improper synthetic enrichments along with fertilizer toxins, toxic insecticides, over processing, improper storage and over cooking, etc. make the general food supply even more problematic.

*Senate Documents #264 & #268 and other related research.

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The Benefit of Laboratory Designed Cellular Nutrition

Continued use of the United States Pharmacopoeia**(USP) grade lab-customized supplements, enables us to account (down to the microgram), for the nutritional make up of your food ingredients.

**USP standards are the highest available in the supplement industry, available only through licensed laboratories due to HHS/CLIA governmental and their own self-imposed regulation— which greatly exceed and are separate from FDA standards).

Results from using laboratory personalized cellular nutrition:

    Control of and increased concentration and synergy of the key nutrients (food ingredients) taken in through supplements to remedy the lack of nutrients in food

    Correction for the variable and minimal nutrient levels of food

    Complete assessment of exactly how your body is reacting to each nutrient that is targeted and introduced. This re-testing is the most precise comparative insight into determining exactly how your body’s cells are responding to specific food ingredients

    This process is the essence of Orthomolecular Medical Nutrition science 

    (having the right molecules in the right amount)

    These individually customized nutraceuticals are a crucial part of this overall nutrition therapy. Without them, there can be no true accountability for the nutrient constitution of the foods you eat.

    Following the recommended guidelines outlined by the test results provides each individual with
    the most controlled opportunity for creating radiant health and wellness and to be able to move well.

    Based on 65 years of orthomolecular treatment research, good health guidelines are scientific: measurable, predictable, repeatable and dramatically accelerated with food and supplements – alone.

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