Medical Nutrition Definitions

Medical Nutrition Definitions


The Science of Feeling Good. Personalized Cellular Nutrition.


Medical Nutrition Definitions help us understand how when our bodies hold on to balanced nutrients (what's in food that nourishes us) we stay well, move well and feel energized and vital.

Orthomolecular Medicine
Having the right molecules in the right amount. Double Nobel Laureate, Linus Pauling, PhD developed this science along with Abram Hoffer, MD for regenerative wellness to create the best environment possible for the body’s cells by correcting imbalances at the molecular and cellular level.

Medical Nutrition
Measuring and identifying through hair mineral analysis, your body’s biochemical imbalances (excesses and deficiencies) and using food ingredients (what’s in foods and supplements) to give the body the cellular nutrition it needs that allows it to regenerate, re-balance and self-heal.

Hair Analysis
Medically approved measurement process (hair mineral analysis) that identifies the specific nutrients (what’s in food that nourishes your body) that an individual person needs to reset and rebuild cellular dysfunction and dis-ease.

What’s in food and supplements that your body takes in, holds and uses to nourish and sustain itself.

Biochemical Individuality
Each person has their own body chemistry make up and inner terrain. Each has their own individual needs to have personalized food designs and supplements in order to support their own metabolism, ability to move well and immune system power.