Healthy Aging

Hormone Therapy: Anti-Aging | Healthy Aging


Age Younger

The art of Anti-Aging and Healthy Aging
lies in the science that subtly coaxes the body's chemistry
into using its own wisdom to naturally regenerate
our youthful vitality, flexibility and glow.

Naturally Slow the Aging Process

The highly targeted use of Bio-Identical hormone therapies combined with clinical nutrition, these Healthy Aging Hormone treatments
can produce significant results for those who wish to slow and even turn back their biological markers of
aging to look and feel much as they did in their younger years.

Advanced BioCell offers this Healthy Aging Hormone Therapy element of an overall Anti-Aging | Healthy Aging protocol that combined,
brings the most robust results of all by utilizing specialists in each specific area of youthful-aging:

- Hormone Therapy, Medical Nutrition and Stem Cell Therapy -

instead of attempting to achieve these same results with a single practitioner.

This approach brings together medical experts from specific areas of integrative anti-aging protocols that enables the tremendous benefits of what is perhaps the most comprehensive anti-aging and regenerative health network in the world.

The critical advantage is that these specialists are able to communicate on an interdisciplinary basis to define harmonious personalized programs for each patient.


1 Year of Concierge Anti-Aging | Healthy Aging Hormone Therapy Includes:

Blood / Urine / Focus Physical

Testing repeated at 6 months

Pre-Cancer testing (separate costs)


Hormones are directly from Dr. Schuder's preferred pharmacy. Intake and pricing is determined by each individual's requirements as determined by Dr. Schuder, based on laboratory tests.

Nutrients are based on assessments of each individual's hormone support need for basic support.

Initial Evaluation & Consultations
4 hours per person (estimate)

Concierge Service

Our natural medicine practitioner's unconventional educational training, extensive experience and unique professional perspective make up the pallet that they carefully blend in bringing the most profound results for youthfulness and wellness to each patient. As a result, our highly personalized and artful approach to Anti-Aging and Healthy Aging, has benefited many clients who continually credit this approach with initiating their return to radiant health, vitality of movement and enhanced longevity.