Happy Client Stories

Happy Client Stories

“The significant difference in my individual health, energy and ‘peace of mind’ knowing precisely my body’s nutrition need is amazing.”
- Murray P. CEO, Corporate Strategist, 57

"My blood pressure is back to 115/60 after being 135/70 for the past 15 years. My hair is sprouting like crazy (growing back in). My brain function and clarity are so much higher. My need for anxiety/depression meds has gone completely... I'm coming off of them (slowly). Emotional issues have been healed, huge ones that you'd expect couldn't be healed (the Oxygen Therapy is magic). My psychic clarity is over the top, daily."
- Erika H., Social Media Consultant

“I had several TIAs (mini strokes); I was told that these TIA’s would eventually lead to a serious stroke that I might not survive. That was 14 years ago. I believe that this science has saved my life.”
- Selma B. Muralist & Artist, 79

"I can attest to the fact that I do not feel remotely as good off the program as when I am on it!!! A very noticeable difference - which I will relay to all those that we will get on the program!!!"
-Michael M., Personal Trainer, 46

"I'm feeling so good in so many ways on so many different levels. I"VE NEVER FELT LIKE THIS! I am TRULY GRATEFUL to know you."
- Nicole D., Mother, Business development, 36

"My mom and I just started the vitamins from Advanced BioCell 4 days ago, and already we feel our energy level increased! We used to have no energy after 1 pm now we feel great through the day. My constant wrist pain has improved 70%! Also my mom’s heart palpitations have calmed down for several days already. It is incredible how fast the vitamins started to work, we feel so much better!"
- Julia V. Hypnotherapist, 48

"The Advanced BioCell program is remarkable. My quality of life has increased way beyond what I ever expected... After 90 days the ABC program has resolved my issues of cold extremities, brittle hair, bloating, dry skin, anxiety, painful menses cramps and more and is restoring me to a level of health I’d only dreamed possible."
- Terlyn N. Accountant, 48

"The program is going great I have so much more energy!"
- India Q. Student, 19

"I LOVE the program. It has helped my energy immensely and I feel so much better, especially my digestion."
- Heidi D. Business owner, mom, 38

"Since I started the ABC program, headaches that I've had regularly for over 15 years are gone."
- Geoff R. Therapist, 55

"I am so pleased to let you know that the ProBiotic System you got me started on absolutely did the trick for most of my food allergies which I'd suffered with for years. I made my kids some eggs (one of my worst food allergens). I was tempted, I tasted them... No reaction. I had some more... no reaction! I waited awhile to see if the symptoms were delayed (swelling of the throat)... it never happened! I had some more the following day and nothing happened! It's truly a gift... I am so glad that I found Advanced BioCell."
- Ginette V. Business owner, 38

"The BioCell program has made a huge difference for me, to the point that people have noticed my skin glowing as well as brighter eyes."
- Randy R. Yoga studio owner, 54

"The pain in my stomach was excruciating. Your guidance has helped reduce my stomach discomfort in 3 weeks by 80%."
- Brenda B. Homemaker, 53

"I wanted to inform you since following the program for the most part, that Jaevin has shown remarkable improvements in his interactive dealings and his aggressive behavior has diminished in part in my daily estimate by at least 20 to 30%. His seizures have lessened as well. We ran into old friends recently, they remarked what a difference in behavior and how well mannered he was. His (former) irritation when asking him to do simple things or follow directions comes now with almost immediate response. This was hardly ever the case before since he needed to be prompted (and assisted physically) to do anything before or was just non-compliant."

- David Alonso, Father of son Jaevin, 13 - autistic since age 5

"I reviewed my husband's report. It's amazing how accurate the analysis is! I've suspected for years that he has too much salt in his body, even though he doesn't know it. And that's exactly what it showed. I can't thank you enough for this."
- Laura M., Nutritionist, 48

"I am so grateful to Advanced BioCell, your program has helped me tremendously. I've never had the experience taking supplements that I have had being on personalized nutrients. My Arthritic pain is gone. I felt like my health was deteriorating, I was feeling hopeless. Now I feel like I've found something that will give me the strength, vitality and health I have been looking for. I have more energy than I've felt in years, I don't feel like I'm dragging... Thank you so much for your help, kindness, patience and generosity of spirit."
- Darlene D., Spiritual Practitioner, 65