EMF Energy Protection Pendant

EMF Protection: Sacred Geometry Energy Pendant


"Anything with an inherent harmony can act like a tuning fork to our poor patterns and
challenge us to 're-tune' ourselves to the original organic natural patterns of energy
that belong to our bodies. A good piece of art can work wonders, as well as music,
dance, a pleasant person or anything else exhibiting 'integrity' in terms of energy patterns."

- Benjamin Dean

According to Eastern Oriental medicine, every organ, whether it is the brain, heart, liver or kidney, each maintains its own electromagnetic field. When the delicate balance of these fields are upset, the flow of 'Chi' (Life Energy), is disrupted, leading to illness. Experts believe that energy-infused products act as an 'antenna to the human bio-field' bringing our energies into alignment and balance.

All Sacred Geometry pendants are attuned to the frequencies coinciding with the energy of the Earth and are intended to help “ground” or reconnect our body with the earth’s base pulse energy or 'heartbeat' (7.8 cycles per second - the Schumann Resonance). Our bodies conduct electricity (which is why we sometimes get a shock when walking across a carpet then touching a piece metal) and when our bodies connect to the earth’s electrical energy field, we experience greater vitality and health. If we were grounded on a daily basis through activities such as walking barefoot by the ocean, on grass, etc., we would feel the earth's tranquil energy transfer to our bodies and we would become 'more grounded.' Unfortunately we wear shoes, live in artificial environments, are surrounded by many electronic devices and thus loose our connection to the earth.

Once “grounded,” users report a calming and balancing effect on their physical, mental and emotional bodies. Body workers, healers, and frequent flyers love the grounding effects of Sacred Geometry pendants.



For centuries sacred geometry, gemstones and frequencies have been reported as possessing healing properties yielding:

More energy

Increased strength

Greater sense of grounding

Greater balance and flexibility

Enhanced focus and concentration

Reduced physical discomfort and greater ease

How It Works

The Sacred Geometry EMF Energy Protection Pendant is made with special metals
etched with specific designs chosen for their inherent harmony and sacred geometric patterns.
What may appear to be stones embedded within the pendants are in fact
a special blend of enhanced rare earth minerals
found only in the earth's natural environments and 'sacred pools,' throughout the world.


The Vibration We Carry Directly Affects Us

Sacred Geometry Inside a Water Droplet
by Greg Braden