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Concierge Medicine

Personalized Regenerative Medicine


Medical Tourism

Patients struggling to find the right regenerative wellness treatment at home – head overseas — is booming.
In 2013, around 900,000 Americans traveled overseas for treatment, according to Patients Beyond Borders, the guide to International Medical Tourism.

More than 750,000 Americans travel each year for some type of more personalized regenerative wellness and health care.
If you are considering a medical travel experience, you are in the right place.

Natural Medicine Best in Class

Advanced BioCell offers the highest quality Concierge Medicine Tourism
Services available feature:

The most comprehensive network of Internationally renowned
natural medicine Doctors, Specialists and Clinics in the world.

Specializing in:


Regenerative Wellness

Anti-Aging / Reverse-Aging

Stem Cell Therapy

Integrative Oncology Practitioners, Products, Protocols and Treatments

The Advanced BioCell network of Integrative Doctors, Centers and Programs is one of the most effective and comprehensive systems of personal health ‘care,’ available.



Let ‘The Network’ Serve You

Our clients enjoy the attentions of a team of regenerative wellness and
specialty care physicians that focus their attention, caring and expertise on a
truly personalized rejuvenation plan. Concierge superior access is an on-going relationship
with the Advanced BioCell network for continued engagement, learning
and monitoring success in maintaining radiant, youthful movement and wellness.

World Renowned Specialists

Superior Coordination of Care Amongst Our Physicians

Comprehensive Life-Style Education

A New Way of Healing

Welcome to a New Kind of Regenerative Wellness Health ‘Care’

Concierge Natural Medicine for Anti-Aging & Integrative Oncology


Immediate Access

Direct Contact to Specialists

Personalized Attention

Plenty of Time to Answer Your Questions

Predictable Costs

Assistance Arranging Appointments with Network of Specialists

Email Updates on the Latest Regenerative Wellness News

US Domestic & International Locations