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Mind Power | Brain Training

Radical Brain Power

IQxtreme is an all-herbal product to enhance cognitive function. It is an all-natural organic food supplement.


Neurological well-being, focus, mental clarity, enhanced cognitive function, creativity, recall, memory restoration, cortisol balance, depression, ADD, brain chemical balance, stress, anxiety, emotional imbalance, irritability, aggressiveness, addiction, hangover, Dementia, Alzheimer and other Neurological concerns.
Aids in remembering Classes and Lectures. Improves concentration, enhances Learning Ability and Optimum Brain Power.


– May restore normal brain function for individuals with ADD, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s & other neurological concerns
– May reduce cortisol level – a main cause of anxiety, stress, forgetfulness, depression
– May eliminate constipation and promote regular toxin excretion
– May make remembering easier
– May help faster recovery, including sports injury, surgery, etc.


Intake: 2 pills in am on empty stomach / 1 – 2 pills as desired in afternoon