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Self-Directed Health

Natural Medicine strategies for peak living
Healing environments in a toxic world

The 3 Steps to Xtreme Wellness in the Advanced BioCell program are:

  • Repair Metabolism
  • Revitalize Energy
  • Regenerate Health

Our cells interact with their immediate environment – our blood. For cells to develop fully and do their jobs (spreading nutrients and removing waste), they need to grow in a nutrient-rich environment, free from toxins.

When we take in the right nutrition, plus provide our cells an oxygen-rich environment, the cells can only express health, growth and vitality.

Starting with personal nutrition testing and metabolic measurement (how your body has what it needs to keep you healthy) we regenerate and rebalance each person’s foundational energy production. We guide our community of clients to the finest integrative natural medicine practitioners, products and protocols in the world for everything from rebuilding health to anti-aging and natural reversing of cancer.

Welcome to the sweet spot of functional medicine, where we work together and let nature run its course.

Advanced BioCell features gold-standard world-class treatments for Metabolic Repair, Reverse-Aging Therapy, Ozone Therapy, Stem Cell Therapy and Cancer Remedies.

“The more good things you do, the more good things you do.”

– Dr. Bruce Boyd, Professor of Psychiatry, Northwestern University