3-Months Wellness System

The Body's Wisdom


Natural medicine tells us
"The cells of all tissues have in them the ability to remain healthy, to duplicate themselves
and resist disease - when the body chemistry is balanced.
These are the ideal conditions.".

Cellular nutrition supplements are the regular dietary intake of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids and a wide scope of food factors.


Food Is Not Enough

Orthomolecular treatment (healing nutrition) shows us that to naturally maintain optimum health and enjoy the benefits of natural medicine, we need to take in the right amount of these raw materials - daily. And they can't be found, for what we need to move well, look radiant and live long, in food.


It is well documented that even an aggressive effort to 'eat well'
will fall short in providing all of the essential nutrients in optimum levels.

Studies have shown
that most Americans fail to obtain optimal levels of the 90 essential nutrients and
general nutrition deficiencies continue to exist in 50% of the US population with
80% suffering from specific deficiencies.